Hot Sexy Young Adult Friends

Hiring an escort can be a lot of fun. Most escorts are willing to have sex if you pay them. If you have a group of friends and are looking to set up an orgy, an escort may be a good way to get the party started. If this is something you are interested in, here’s what you should know.

Finding the Escorts

Most escort services advertise in the phone book. Girls who aren’t associated with a service and work freelance will advertise on the internet and in adult magazines. You need to be careful when you are looking for girls to hire. Don’t mention sex on the phone outright. In most areas this is still illegal, and the girls won’t give you a straight answer. Instead ask for girls who are full services or who will play at parties. These terms are commonly used for girls who will have sex, and will be open to having sex in a group.

Expect to Pay

Escorts are businesses. Most of the women will have their own prices for sexual acts above and beyond what the service charges to dispatch them. For an orgy style party you should expect to pay a flat party fee, plus extra money for every person who is involved in having sex. If you want to film the event, then be aware that you will have pay more. It’s not uncommon for men to drop as much as $1000 for just an hour if you are planning an orgy with an escort. You can discuss prices when the girl shows up. If it’s going to be out of your range, you can pay her a driving fee for her time and turn down the service.