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When it comes to exploring your bisexuality after a drunken kiss with your friend you may feel confused. You need to think about how you felt about it and whether or not it is something that you would want to do sober. Whenever you get drunk you normally do things that you would not normally do. However, you may also do things just because other people persuade you to.

Did You Like It?

Think about if it was a kiss that you enjoyed. Think about if it was something that you liked in the same way that you like kissing people of the opposite sex. Depending on how drunk you were you may have trouble figuring out exactly how you felt about it. Allow your mind to think about going further or kissing other people of the same sex.

Try it Sober

The only way you can really tell if it was something that you would like is to do it when sober. You may not want to try it with the same friend unless they are willing. It is a good idea to not try to make it awkward or forced. Just let it happen and see where it goes from there. You will find that alcohol may have helped you to realize that you are bisexual or you may have just had too crazy of a night. Whatever the case may be you will never truly know until you do it again with a clear head and an open mind.